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Kratom Products: What Forms Does the Herb Come In?

So you’ve hopped onboard the kratom train, and are wondering what are the different ways one can consume it? Great question, and we’ve got you covered!

Natives in Southeast Asia eat raw kratom leaves, which is how benefits of the botanical were first discovered. Unfortunately, you won’t find a forest full of kratom trees in America, simply because the environment isn’t perfectly made for it to thrive as it does in its natural habitat. Some people, however, do enjoy growing their own trees at home.  

Kratom powder is perhaps the most well-known way of consuming the plant. Once harvested, kratom leaves are milled into a fine powder, and undergo rigorous testing before being placed for sale at any reputable shop. Some people swear by making kratom tea with the powder, or performing the “toss and wash” method. Others prefer to purchase kratom capsules.

It seems that just about every day there’s new kratom products on the market. It’s an exciting time for the herb, as vendors are becoming more and more innovative. You can now purchase kratom shots (i.e. liquid kratom), The Original Kratom Honey Stix, taffy, other candies, and even extracts of the herb. 


You can expect kratom products to keep evolving as the herb gains notoriety by the day!  

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