How to Make Kratom Tea – A Complete Guide to Kratom Tea

There are several ways to consume kratom, one of the most popular is to make an herbal tea. If you’ve been looking for information on making kratom tea, this guide is designed just for you.

Whether you’re a kratom newbie, or you’re looking for a new way to consume it, we’re confident this will help! 

What Is Kratom Tea?

Making kratom powder tea is super easy. You simply steep kratom powder in hot water. Most people say it tastes like a really strong green tea.

Some people love the earthy taste, while others choose to enhance the flavor with honey or lemon. You can also steep another tea bag of your choosing along with the kratom powder. 

Unlike regular tea or coffee, which can only be steeped once, kratom powder from your first batch of tea can be reused to brew another batch. This is another reason people love making kratom tea, as they feel they get more value from the powder.

Where Can I Buy Kratom Tea?

You’re not going to walk into a Starbucks or a local tea house and find kratom tea for sale. Most people buy kratom powder online and make their tea at home. And we now offer crushed leaf kratom to steep your own tea at home! We have a few recipes that you can choose from—try them out to see what works best for you.

Choosing a Kratom Strain

Different strains of kratom have different effects. Our Classic Red Bali Kratom Powder can have a noticeably mellow effect; Yellow Indo, on the other hand, can have a very uplifting effect. Most people feel the effects from kratom tea within a half hour of drinking it.

Different strains also taste different when made into tea. You may want to try a couple of different variations to find the one that’s perfect for you. Let’s dive into a few ways you can make your own kratom tea.

How to Make Kratom Tea

The ingredients for making kratom tea are simple; how much of each ingredient and how you use it can vary according to your preferences. Start with the following:

  • Kratom powder: You can vary the amount of kratom powder you use depending on your preferred dosage.
  • Water: Most people heat between two and four cups of water to make their tea. Less water will make for a stronger taste; more water dilutes the taste. As long as you drink all of your tea, the kratom has the same effect.
  • Lemon Juice: Soak the tea in lemon prior to brewing in order to pull out the alkaloids. Citrus also has the ability to enhance the effects of kratom. 
  • Add-ins: Use honey, your favorite sweetener, or citrus such as lemon to get your favorite flavor. As mentioned above, you may also steep another type of tea along with your kratom powder. 

Now that you know how to make kratom tea, play around with it until you come up with your own personal potion.

BONUS TIP: One of the of the best things about using kratom in tea is that the powder can be used for tea more than once, so make sure you don’t pour out the powder or toss it after one use. If you make your tea correctly, you can get at least two servings of tea from one portion of powder.

Kratom Tea Recipe 1: Stove top

Making kratom powder tea on the stove top is quick and simple.

  1. Soak your kratom powder in lemon and a little water for at least 15 minutes prior to brewing.
  2. Heat your water to a gentle simmer. If the water is too hot, it can destroy the alkaloids in the powder, lessening the effect.
  3. Add kratom powder mixed with lemon juice to the water. Simmer for 15 minutes or so; when the tea starts to turn a vibrant yellow color, it’s ready to drink.
  4. Pour the tea through a strainer or through cheesecloth to preserve the powder; you can make a second batch this way.
  5. Stir the tea to break up any powder clumps and to help the powder dissolve. Add honey or your favorite sweetener, and/or lemon if you like.
  6. Enjoy!

Kratom Tea Recipe 2: Tea Kettle

Bring water to a gentle simmer in a tea kettle. Place your kratom powder into an empty teacup or mug. When the kettle whistles, wait a few seconds and then pour the water over the powder, stirring it gently to break up any clumps. Make sure to preserve the remaining powder for another use.

Kratom Tea Recipe 3: Coffee Maker

Place your kratom powder into a coffee filter and add the desired amount of water to your coffee maker. Turn the machine on, and voila! Kratom tea will be in the pot, and the powder is safe in the filter for you to use a second time.

If you prefer iced tea to hot tea, simply place the kratom tea in your refrigerator to cool it before pouring over ice. Add things like honey, sugar, or other sweeteners while the tea is still hot instead of waiting until you’re about to drink it. Sweeteners dissolve better when the liquid is warm, and your iced tea will taste better.

Kratom Tea vs. Capsules

There are different ways to enjoy kratom; making it into a tea is just one option. Some people prefer to buy kratom capsules and take them instead. It all comes down to your preference.

Having a mug of tea can be very relaxing, enhancing the overall experience of taking kratom, and getting two doses from the powder by making tea is definitely a benefit. If you find, however, that you don’t like the taste of kratom tea—even with added lemon or sweetener—or if you’re just in a pinch and you don’t have time to make tea, kratom capsules can be a fast and convenient way to get your dosage. You may want to keep both on hand so that you always have options.

A quick word on making tea from kratom extract powder; remember that extract is a lot more concentrated than regular powder. Our kratom extract is about three times as strong as the same amount of regular kratom powder, so be careful and keep it at a 3 to 1 ratio as a rule of thumb.

Happy brewing!

34 thoughts on “How to Make Kratom Tea – A Complete Guide to Kratom Tea”

  1. I usually toss n wash every dose, but Im going to try out the stove top method sometime this week! Very informative blog, I’m sharing it with my husband since he is tired of t & w ☺ Miss seeing you on FB, Nina!

  2. I put a little hot coffee or herbal tea with ginger in a shot glass add kratom stir add cold water stir and drink it straight down. I have been doing it that way for over 5 and a half years and it works great for me.

  3. I make vegan protein shakes w veggie & fruit juice, moringa, dried raw greens, coconut water and kratom. It’s healthy, filling, & I don’t taste the kratom.

  4. I’ve made tea a few times, I love the taste but toss and wash is much quicker. Would be great if there was a coffee pod with kratom.

    1. Not quite a coffee pod…but you can buy those disposable paper envelopes for brewing loose leaf tea and use them for kratom…that way all the powder clumps are in a neat tidy package.

  5. I just mix the powder into a medicine bottle and mix with water or orange juice, shake well and drink. Then a nice warm chai latte after.

  6. I use first Recipe. i sometimes make large batches and store in glass bottles in the fridge for use throughout the day. ill drink first cup warm and the other bottles i drink cold. great for taking with you on the go.

  7. I first mixed it with red grapefruit juice but that didn’t work after I began taking high blood pressure meds. Switched to organic OJ. Will try the tea. Sounds fun & frugal.

  8. I usually toss n wash but have tried teas before. It is actually nice to switch it up every once in awhile and brew it with some tea or coffee.

  9. I am just in the 12th month of taking kratom for chronic headaches and multiple other body pains.
    Most of that time I have been taking my morning dose with warmed water to make the kratom powder mix better and then adding graepfruit juice.
    Lately I have been adding 30mg to 50mg citric acid powder to every 1g dose instead of the grapefruit juice. This seems to work just as good as the grapefruit juice did at getting the dose going more quickly in my system.

  10. I prefer kratom tea to toss-and-wash. Most people I’ve talked to prefer the toss method but I get more benefits making it into a tea.

  11. Toss and wash baby! I’ve also gotten honey and rolled them into bite sized balls. Good for on the go. You don’t want to explain to a cop that you’re tossing and washing a legal substance in the walmart parking lot. xD

  12. Toss and wash all the way! I actually don’t mind the taste as much as a lot of people seem to. But i find it’s way more effective than tea, as someone else said.

  13. Toss and wash. I tried tea once but it didn’t do as much for me. I recently got some leaf so I could let my mom try it. I don’t see her throwing back powder lol.

  14. Tea has never really worked for me. I tried taking it with black tea and it just wasted a lot of tea. I just add hot water (about 12 oz) to around 6 grams of kratom and a teaspoon or so of lemon juice, then down as quickly as possible, with a chaser, preferably with something sweet to eat after.

    1. I’ve never tried any teas yet, have always just consumed with t&w, always feel like it won’t be as strong…hmmm

  15. Samuel Crawford

    I prefer to take a liquid extract, I also like making a mix of powder with 7up and lemonade, and toss n wash occasionally.

  16. I’ve always either mixed my kratom with OJ or GFJ…. lately it’s been GFJ or T&W….. I dont mind the taste of kratom… I actually love it ! Also on occasion when I T&W… I’ll put 1/2 dose under my tongue for a few minuets ,, add a swig of some liquid of choice , swish around and down the hatch …then repeat with the other half of my dose ….seems to speed up the onset of effects…

    I’ve made tea a handful of times , for me the effects are more energetic and go away faster than the other methods I’ve tried . It’s about time I make some tea just to see if my feelings about it have changed… totally cool with the taste of tea as well! Thank you TopExtracts

  17. I just throw a heaping teaspoon in 2 ounces of hot water to dissolve the clumps, shoo it, and then chase it with a drink of cold water and 2 orange slices. Goes great with a dip of snuff too!!!

  18. I’ve never taken Kratom before but when my order gets here I’ll mix a dose with my protein / keto shake and use coffee instead of water. Should taste good and be the same or close to toss and wash.
    John in AZ

  19. Very helpful info here. I’ve been Toss and washing for years, but now I’ve gotten to the point I can’t bare the taste and my stomach starts knotting up and get extremely neauseated. So, I’m looking to switch it up. My favorite for a long time was using chocolate milk or Starbucks frappes. ohh well. Thanks everyone for your helpful hints

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