How to Use Kratom: Your Guide to Correctly Using Kratom

Before deciding to use this leaf, you should understand the answer to the question of what kratom does. This article will explore the ways to use kratom.

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    Because Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, we would like to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of kratom, they are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice.

    Kratom is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

    Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using kratom.

    What Does Kratom Do?

    Kratom has been used for thousands of years by native people in Southeast Asia. Today, it is available in the United States. This all-natural leaf is growing in popularity as more and more people discover its energizing and rejuvenating capabilities. Of course, because of its newness, many people have questions. One of the most common is what does kratom do? Another common question people may have is how to use kratom in the first place.

    Before deciding to use this leaf, you should fully understand what kratom does when it is used. When ingested, the kratom leaf can help alleviate discomfort as well as provide a burst of energy. Specific kratom strains vary in terms of discomfort alleviation and energy production, though. With higher doses, kratom can help you relax and unwind as well.

    How Is Kratom Used?

    How kratom is used varies depending on the format. For instance, the traditional method for kratom use was simply to chew the leaves themselves. This way of use is still one of the preferred methods in Southeast Asia, and some people in the US prefer it as well. However, there are many other ways that you can use kratom and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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    How to Use Kratom Powder

    Kratom is available in a wide range of types, including kratom powder. Unlike the raw leaves, kratom powder cannot be chewed. However, it is one of the simplest ways to work kratom into your daily life.

    Wondering how to use kratom powder? Simply add the amount you want to any drink. You can add it to beverages such as coffee to tea to soft drinks and everything in between, and you can consume the drink and enjoy kratom's benefits. Another way is to "toss and wash" kratom powder. This method is nothing more than placing the desired dosage in your mouth and then washing it down with a swallow of liquid.

    How to Use Kratom Capsules

    Another type of kratom use method gaining in popularity is capsules. Kratom capsules are very easy to take, require no mixing, and do not need to be chewed. You simply need to place the appropriate number of capsules in your mouth and then wash them down with your preferred beverage. Another factor that makes kratom capsules popular is that it is easier to control your dosage than with powder alone.

    How to Use Kratom Pills: Dosage Suggestions

    Wondering how does kratom work in capsule form? It's all down to getting the right dosage, but how do you ensure you are taking the right amount? Here is a simple guide to kratom dose with standardized capsules:

    • Are you looking for a little extra lift? Take one to four capsules for a hit of long-lasting energy to help you get through the day.
    • Want to unwind and relax? Five to six capsules will help you de-stress after a long day.
    • Struggling with discomfort? Take seven to eight capsules to get the relief that you deserve.

    As a note, it is essential to buy your kratom from a reputable source so you know that you are getting the same standardized amount of kratom in each capsule and that you're able to avoid fillers.

    How to Use Kratom Extract

    While kratom powder, leaves, and capsules are all easy to use, one of the most convenient options is kratom extract. This liquid can be easily added to any beverage, and you do not need to worry about mixing it in as you would a powder. Add a dash of kratom extract to your morning coffee, pour a bit into your cup of tea, or add some to your favorite soda or juice so you can incorporate the plan into your lifestyle.

    How to Make and Use Kratom Tea

    Looking for something different? Kratom tea offers a warm, soothing cup, whether you want it first thing in the morning or the evening while you are winding down. What does kratom do in tea form? You'll find that it works a little differently than the powdered form. What should you know?

    First, you'll find that kratom tea is more stimulating than other formats, which is one reason it's popular as a morning beverage. That suffusion of energy lasts a long time, much longer than caffeine, and you will not have a sudden crash at the end. However, tea may not be the best option if you are seeking relief from discomfort, as its analgesic effects are slightly reduced.

    Finally, taking kratom in tea form does enhance the feel-good qualities it imparts. That allows it to brighten your day first thing in the morning in conjunction with a boost of energy, but it IS also a great way to boost your mood during the day or even help you recharge in the evening.

    How to Use Kratom Tea: Dosage Suggestions

    Wondering how to use kratom in tea form? Once again, it comes down to finding the right dose. We've outlined some basic kratom dosage tips below to help you dial in the perfect cup for you:

    • Looking for a mild boost of energy and a little lift to your mood? Try just one gram.
    • Got a long day ahead of you or need to recharge your batteries? Three to five grams will work.
    • Have a major project that requires a lot of energy or maybe you need to boost your sense of well-being? We recommend over five grams.
    • If you're seeking a very strong effect, you should use over up to fifteen grams, but we only recommend this kratom dosage for experienced users.

    Wrapping Up

    Now that you know more about how to use kratom and have enough information to answer the question of what does kratom do, you should be better prepared to enjoy it in leaf, powder, liquid, capsule/kratom pills, or tea form.

    However, remember that when you buy kratom, the quality of the retailer matters. Only buy from a company that has kratom for sale if they are reputable, dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, and can provide you with the information necessary to make an informed purchase.

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