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Kratom Powder: A Snapshot of Everything You Need to Know

Kratom powder is one of the most popular ways to consume kratom. With so many different products containing the botanical out there, why is powder still so prevalent?

First things first, kratom powder is typically one of the most cost-effective ways of enjoying the herb. When compared to other forms of the herb, powder isn’t nearly as time consuming as producing other products. 

From start to finish, kratom powder is obtained much faster. The way it works for vendors typically involves the following:

  • Finding a kratom farmer who is experienced, trustworthy and well-versed. Said farmer     will then sift the leaves into a fine powder, package and ship their product to its destination. Many farmers are beginning to test for contaminants as well, however, any great vendor will always have it tested once it arrives.
  • The kratom powder should then undergo stringent testing by a third-party lab. This is absolutely pivotal in order to ensure the herb’s safety. You should be able to openly ask about any vendor’s testing procedures, and they shouldn’t hesitate to answer. 
  • The lab will send the kratom back with a detailed report, and dispose of any that may be contaminated with such things as heavy metals.
  • Vendor will then safely package the product before sending it to customers.
Final Thoughts

Typically kratom powder will be infused as a tea, or consumers may use the “toss and wash” method. Because it’s less convenient than other forms, many like to have a few different varieties on hand. Kratom capsules, for example, will be much easier to take when you’re on the go or in a rush. Others love novelty products (such as Top Extracts’ Original Kratom Honey Stix or Kratom Infused Root Beer Taffy) because they taste great and it’s nice to switch things up!

Let us know what your favorite products are, we always love to hear from our valued customers!


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