Kratom Honey Stix: Delicious Ideas to Get Your Mouth Watering!

Honey is used for a plethora of reasons, and has historically been held on a pedestal as one of the top natural supplements. Many cite the tasty, sticky substance as being their go-to for seasonal allergies, and overall well being. This makes sense since it is full of antioxidants! People also talk about its supreme ability to aid with such things as digestion, and even the healing of wounds!

Kratom, according to the American Kratom Association (AKA) is a plant that is “properly classified as a food under the provisions of the U.S. Food Drug & Cosmetic Act.”

Many cite the herb, which belongs to the same plant family as coffee, as being extremely helpful with everything from physical and mental well-being, to providing energy similar to caffeine, minus the jitters. Many love incorporating kratom into their daily routine for a variety of reasons, and cite a vast variety of uses, from mood lifting to an overall sense of well-being. 

The history of kratom dates back hundreds of years in Southeast Asia, the only region in the world where it naturally thrives. 

“The product itself has been used in the country for centuries, but is not packaged and sold commercially,” Wayne Forrest, President of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, told Top Extracts in an interview.

 Honey is said to increase the bioavailability of kratom, i.e. helping to increase its effectiveness, as well as speeding up the time that it takes to enter the system. So why not put the two together? Seems like a no-brainer to us! Here are different ways that you can try your kratom Honey Stix with.:


This one is a no-brainer! What goes better with tea than honey? You can squeeze your Honey Stix right into the cup of your choice, and voila…delicious and it should also help to mask the kratom taste if that’s something you’re looking to do. 

For those who enjoy kratom tea, perhaps trying to blend strains with Honey Stix would be a tasty option for you! Remember you’ll need less of the herb when you’re making kratom tea, since you’ll be adding more via Honey Stix.


Looking to add a kick to your cup of joe in the morning? Mixing Honey Stix is a must-try for every kratom enthusiast! 

If you’re like me, you’ll love the added sweet touch to help balance coffee’s natural acidity. Since kratom is actually in the coffee family, it could be a natural complement that will help fuel your day even further!



kratom, honey

Love making your own lemonade, but looking for something other than sugar to sweeten things up? Honey Stix can go great with your homemade or store-bought batch! 

You will want to warm your lemonade up enough so the Honey Stix don’t coagulate at the bottom of your drink. Lukewarm should work just fine, and then we suggest whisking your Honey Stix into the drink until it’s fully combined. You can then add ice to the mix, perfect for a hot summer day!

Citrus is also known to enhance kratom’s effects, and we suggest getting creative with other juice blends as well (think orange, grapefruit, even limeade!). 

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Ever have a peanut butter sandwich with honey? If not, we think you’re in for a treat! Spice up your lunch with Honey Stix spread on top of your peanut butter sandwich, and you’ve got a sweet new creation with a kick! 

Some people also love bananas added in…nutritious and delicious is a win in our book!


Whether you love homemade granola, or store bought varieties, adding Honey Stix is an idea we think you may be fond of! 

Because it’s a sticky substance, you may want to eat your granola with a spoon, and then add the desired amount of honey. 

If you haven’t ever made your own granola batch but are a big fan, definitely give it a whirl! This is a super simple recipe to get your started. 


Have you ever tried honey butter? It’s a heavenly concoction, and oh so easy! Simply squeeze the desired amount of Honey Stix into softened butter. 

You can use the butter on something as simple as toast for breakfast or snack time, or get creative and add to muffins or anything else your heart desires!


Talk about a healthy and delicious snack, carrots mixed with Honey Stix might be a new favorite if you love the root veggie! 

Of course you may also enjoy Honey Stix on raw carrots, if you’re looking for a belly warmer, try cooking them first. You can go a step further and add fresh squeezed lemon juice into the mix as well!



Have you ever tried a slice of warm brie cheese drizzled with honey on top? It’s melt in your mouth tasty! 

Simply warm your favorite brie in the oven for 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees. When you take it out, drizzle the desired amount of Honey Stix on top. I personally love old fashioned wheat thins for this, but you can certainly get creative with crackers! 

To add even more pizazz to this treat, you can crumble roasted walnuts or almonds on top. Fancy, easy, and delish! 


Yes, we already talked about adding Honey Stix to citrus above. However, we would feel like we were leaving something out if we didn’t tell you about adding the concoction to grapefruit!

Simply halve your grapefruit, and drizzle Honey Stix on top. You can then use a spoon to take the juicy morsels out of the fruit. Or, you can get real fancy and use a grapefruit spoon (it’s a game changer that I only recently learned about). They’re inexpensive, and make scooping a cinch! 

Salad Dressing

If you’re a fan of making your own salad dressing, Honey Stix might be a new favorite addition! Added to a simple dressing of vinegar and oil, honey will give it a sweet touch that pairs oh so well!

You can definitely get creative with this one as well. If you’re a fan of Asian salads, drizzling Honey Stix with a bit of soy sauce right into your dressing is absolutely delicious! 


Kratom infused honey stick!

As you can see, the sky is the limit when making creations containing kratom and honey! We urge you to have fun! Both are known for their health benefits, and you really can’t go wrong with the combination. Have any recipe plans or ideas? Don’t be shy…we’d love to hear about it

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