Kratom Sample Pack 10 Ct


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Product: Kratom Sample Pack

Per Pack: 10 Ct Capsule Per Pack

Packs Included: Super Green, White Borneo, Red Maeng Da

When looking to try Kratom people typically want to try something smaller than a 4 oz or a 120 ct bottle.  Our travel packs are the perfect introduction to Kratom.

This pack includes our most popular items!

Our Process: This product is imported from Indonesia and put through a round of heavy metal, DNA, and microbial tests before reaching the manufacturing facility.  During the process of manufacturing into smaller containers the product is then sifted and swabbed for pathogens. Once the product is packaged and double sealed for protection, we once again send the product back to the lab for further testing prior to being sold.

Product Purpose: Sold as a botanical specimen

Ingredients: Mitagyna Speciosa

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 0.3 in
30 CT

30 CT

WAAVE Compliance
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