The Different Types of Kratom Strains

The different kratom strain types bring about different effects when consumed. There are four common strains of kratom available for consumption.

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    A Background on Kratom

    Kratom, a tropical evergreen in the coffee family named mytragina speciosa, is a plant native to Southeast Asia. The leaves of the tree can be chewed or consumed in kratom tea to achieve euphoric and energizing effects. Kratom powder is frequently mixed into a liquid for easier consumption. Kratom effects have also been known for many years to alleviate discomfort and cultivate relaxation, and there are several different kratom strain types.

    Where Kratom Comes From

    The kratom plant is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Most of the kratom that is distributed worldwide comes from these regions of Southeast Asia. In countries where kratom is legal, it is typically available for purchase in stores or online.

    Mitragynine in Kratom

    Mitragynine plays a significant role in kratom effects. The mitragynine component within kratom is what gives the plant its stimulating effects when consumed. Mitragynine's presence is what gives kratom its ability to provide people with improved focus and enhanced productivity. Small doses of mitragynine have a stimulating effect, while large doses generate relaxation within the body and mind.

    7-HMG in Kratom

    7-hydroxymitragynine, or 7HMG, is another important component of the kratom plant. The 7-HMG in liquid kratom and solid kratom has analgesic properties that can provide relief from discomfort in people. This extremely potent alkaloid is known to provide relaxation in large doses. In small doses, 7-HMG gives the individual a sense of improved focus and enhanced productivity.1

    Traditional Use of Kratom

    Throughout the years, kratom has been traditionally used to provide relief from discomfort as well as mood enhancement. People would also use kratom to benefit from the plant's properties, and individuals have been consuming kratom for hundreds of years.

    Chewing Kratom Leaves

    Chewing kratom leaves was one of the earlier traditional methods of consumption to achieve the kratom effects. Liquid kratom was not popular amongst people who used kratom until recent centuries. For many years, people would chew kratom leaves to experience improved focus and cultivate enhanced productivity.

    Relaxation and Winding Down

    People often consume kratom for winding down and to achieve a sense of relaxation. Orally consuming liquid kratom or chewing kratom leaves is effective for relieving the body and mind from discomfort.

    Understanding the Strains of Kratom

    The kratom plant is typically distributed in a variety of strains. Each strain of kratom provides different effects and benefits. The different strains are distinguishable by the colors of their veins.2

    What is a Strain?

    A strain is used to identify the different types of kratom available and the effects the kratom will have on the body. All the different types of strains of kratom come from the same plant. However, the differences between each strain often have to do with the harvesting, drying, and curing process. Each kratom strain contains a different level of alkaloids. The strains are identified by the color of the vein on the leaf, as well as the stem color.

    There are four different colored strains of kratom. The kratom effects for each color strain are unique.

    Red Vein Kratom

    Red vein kratom is the most potent strain. This type of kratom is identified by its red stem and veins. It is one of the most popular strains of kratom and is widely available in stores that sell kratom.

    Kratom strain types

    Where It Comes From

    The red vein strain of kratom comes from the mytragina speciosa plant, but with this strain, only the red leaves are harvested at their most mature stage of growth. Red vein strains must be exposed to more sunlight to achieve their standard potency. Exposure to sunlight gives this strain high levels of mitragynine and 7-HMG.

    Its Effects

    In small amounts, red vein kratom effects can be energizing and have results that provide improved focus with enhanced productivity. Large doses of red vein kratom are effective for achieving relaxation and relief from discomfort.


    To achieve the energizing effects of red vein kratom, one should consume at most four grams. First-time users should start with one or two grams to see how it affects the body.

    Taking around five grams will give an individual feelings of euphoria. Five or more grams of red vein kratom is effective for relief of discomfort and deep relaxation or sedation. This strain is most popular amongst people seeking relief from discomfort.

    Green Vein Kratom

    Green vein kratom is a great strain for beginners due to its mild but noticeable effects. It is the second most potent strain of kratom. This strain is identified by its green stem and veins. Green vein kratom is easy to find with retailers selling kratom.

    Where It Comes From

    The green vein strain of kratom comes from the mytragina speciosa plant in Southeast Asia. The green vein strain of kratom is harvested mid-maturity to retain the plant's lively green color. Because the strain is harvested during this stage, it has a medium amount of mitragynine and 7-HMG.

    Its Effects

    Green vein kratom effects are more subtle compared to red vein kratom. This strain of kratom has mild energizing properties and when consumed, and it can make someone feel more social and talkative.


    The average dose of green vein kratom is four to five grams. However, first-time users should start small with one to three grams to see how it affects the body.

    Kratom dosages over five grams can bring about euphoric effects and feelings of relaxation, while lower dosages will provide a buzz of energy.

    White Vein Kratom

    Since it is one of the least potent out of all the strains, white vein kratom is excellent for beginners wanting to see how kratom affects their bodies.

    Where It Comes From

    The white vein strain of kratom comes from the mytragina speciosa plant in Southeast Asia. The white vein strain of kratom is harvested before the plant reaches maturity while the leaves are still white.

    Its Effects

    White vein kratom effects include relief from discomfort and relaxation due to the strain's analgesic properties. The effects are very light and mild due to the minimal potency of the mitragynine and 7-HMG within this strain.


    Low kratom dosages under four grams can sharpen someone's focus and increase concentration. First-time users should start with less than three grams.

    High kratom dosages of five grams or more can relieve discomfort and give the individual a relaxing sensation.

    Yellow Vein Kratom

    Yellow vein kratom is less potent than all the other strains of kratom but still brings about the effects that someone may seek when consuming kratom.

    Where It Comes From

    The yellow vein strain of kratom comes from the mytragina speciosa plant in Southeast Asia. Yellow vein kratom comes from kratom leaves that are beginning the decaying process and yellowing. A unique drying process allows the veins and stems to retain their yellow color. This strain is not as common as other strains.

    Its Effects

    Yellow vein kratom effects are very similar to green vein kratom with its mood-enhancing effects, but the effects are overall milder than the white strain. This kratom strain is said to be the least potent, making it an excellent place to start for beginners.


    Taking a low kratom dosage under four grams of yellow vein kratom will produce feelings of alertness within the individual, as well as improved focus and enhanced productivity. First-time users should always start with one to three grams.

    Larger doses of five or more grams will make the person feel relaxed and euphoric.


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