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Kratom Capsules: What Is the Hype About?

While novelty kratom products, such as candy or “kratom shots” are making huge strides, the original powder form is still one of the most popular ways to consume the herb. 

If you’re new to kratom, and have only tried powder form by either drinking tea, or doing the “toss and wash” method, you already know the taste is very, let’s say, earthy! I haven’t heard of anyone bragging about how good natural kratom tastes, as it’s quite bitter. It can also get gritty with the toss and wash method, i.e. you may end up with spots of it stuck in your mouth. Most tenured kratom enthusiasts will tell you they’ve even spilled their beloved powder, rendering it useless. 

Where to Buy & Making Your Own
Enter the ever-so-convenient world of kratom capsules. They’re great when you just can’t stand the taste of kratom, or want to be able to easily take it on the go. It’s much easier to swallow capsules on a moving subway than, say, doing a balancing toss and wash act, while trying to remain incognito. The best kratom capsules on the market are available through Top Extracts. You may also choose to easily make your own capsules by purchasing empty capsules and a capsule machine, which are available here.

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