The Capsule Machine


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Product: The Capsule Machine

Description:  Automatically joins and ejects filled capsules

  • Faster and easier to use than other products
  • Fills 24 capsules in just a few minutes!
  • Make your own custom mixes with your own ingredients
  • Use quality and fresh raw ingredients such as our Kanna

How to make capsules.

Step 1:

Put base on stand.
– Separate empty capsules
– Put longer part of capsule in base
– Put shorter part in top



Step 2:

Put base on shallow bowl or plate.
– Pour powder
– Spread with enclosed card



Step 3:

Put base on stand.
– If desired, use tamping tool to compact powder
– Then pour in more powder
– Spread excess off into bowl or plate


Step 4:

Replace top
– Remove Capsule Machine from its stand
– Place on flat surface
– Press down firmly until unit bottoms out


Step 5:

Capsules are automatically joined, and held in top!




Step 6:

Press top evenly and firmly…capsules are automatically ejected!

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Capsule Machine

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