3 Echinacea Tincture


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Product: 3 Echinacea Tincture

Size: 1 fl ounce (30ml)


Top Extracts’ 3 Echinacea Tincture blend is a combination formula that should be in everyone’s herb cabinet.  Possessing powerful immune-enhancing properties, Echinacea is a widely used and researched herb for its ability to raise the activity of the protective forces of the immune system.
Optimal when taken at the first signs of an infection or imbalance, Top Extracts’ 3 Echinacea contains both species of Echinacea (purpurea and angustifolia) that have been commonly used in times of sickness for centuries. Not only that, but this product contains a mixture of the fresh root, dried root, and flowers of Echinacea, as well as fresh ginger root, for a truly holistic and well-rounded herbal immune boost.




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