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Maeng Da (MD) Kratom: Everything You Need to Know

What is Maeng Da (MD) Kratom? Whether you’re a novice trying to collect as much information about kratom as you can, or an experienced enthusiast, there’s always going to be something new to learn about the herb. We know just how overwhelming it can be when taking your first dip into researching the different strains and types. It is also part of what makes kratom so unique.
Whether you’re looking to add an energizing kick to your day after a late night, or want something to up your focus game, there is likely a strain that will help. One of the most popular types of kratom is referred to as “Maeng Da,” which is frequently shortened to “MD.”
Maeng Da’s Origins
Maeng Da kratom hails from Thailand, which is one of the world’s largest hubs for exporting the herb. One of the reasons why so much kratom originates there is due to the country’s vast jungles. The rich soil, accompanied with the warm temperatures and humidity make for some of the best areas for kratom trees (aka Mitragyna Speciosa) to grow.
For many native Thai farmers, kratom has and continues to offer a main source of income, which in turn helps the economy of the country as well. The plant has traditionally been used for hundreds of years in Thailand for its purported medicinal properties.
Always Choose a Proven Trustworthy Vendor
This isn’t to say that you should ever purchase kratom directly from a Thai farmer, just to be clear. It’s absolutely pivotal to the plant’s legality in the United States to find a vendor who follows protocol to ensure the safest products. 
The best vendors will tell you that every single batch of kratom goes through extensive testing. Always make sure that you’re purchasing from a business who utilizes an accredited lab to test their kratom to ensure the best product and experience. They will also be willing to answer any questions that may arise.
Why Maeng Da Is a Popular Type of Kratom
Maeng Da kratom strains are among the most popular varieties of the plant, as it’s one of the strongest forms of kratom on the market. 
When grown under the right conditions, Maeng Da strains typically contain higher levels of both mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, kratom’s main alkaloids. Processing of the plant requires experience and expertise, which will have a huge impact on the end result. Maeng Da strains are notably dried out for longer lengths of time than other types of kratom.
If you’re looking to add an energetic kick to your day, green veined strains of kratom are a highly sought out option. If you’ve been having extra stress or just want to relax after a long day, Red Maeng Da could be a great option. However, always keep in mind that what works for one person may have the opposite effect on another. It’s always a good idea to sample different types of kratom in order to find what’s right for your individual needs. You may also benefit from mixing or creating your own strains.
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