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Kratom Withdrawal: How to Avoid It

Almost anything in life has the power to be abused. Take water for example. Do you know that if you consume too much water, that it can actually lead to death? No joke. Consuming too much water eventually leads to far too many electrolytes and fluids running through your body, and your organs can literally shut down.  

Can Too Much Kratom Kill You?

Fortunately, water intoxication resulting in death is rare. While there are no reported deaths of kratom alone killing a single person, you can in fact take too much. This is why it’s important to start small, and slowly increase your dose until you get the desired effect. The main reported side effect of consuming too much kratom is stomach upset, mainly vomiting or diarrhea. 

How Can You Avoid Kratom Withdrawals?

If you’ve been consuming kratom for a decent length of time, chances are your body has grown used to the herb being in your system. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you will want to go slow if you decide to stop taking the herb.

Think back to when you began consuming kratom. You likely started very slowly, adding a bit more each time until you found your sweet spot. This is effectively the same way that you will want to stop taking kratom. Tapering down on your dosage level will really help the process to be a much smoother experience. 

You can begin by taking your dose down by approximately ¼. If you’re having side effects or “withdrawals,”make it ⅛ of your usual dose. Many people have reported tapering down by even half of their regular dosage with no ill side effects, and you can certainly try that first as well. Each day, you will take it down a bit more until you aren’t taking any. Drinking plenty of fluids and staying busy also seem to be solid pieces of advice when stopping kratom.

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