Can You Snort Kratom?

Some people who use kratom may wonder if you can snort the powder form. Learn more about proper kratom use here.

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    Because Kratom remains unregulated by the FDA, we would like to note that although this article contains many points regarding the use of kratom, they are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice.

    Kratom is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

    Make sure to speak to a physician if you have questions before using kratom.

    How Is Kratom Used?

    Although it might sound like a strange question, many people who use kratom for its benefits may wonder, "can you snort kratom?" Since kratom powder is one of the most popular ways to consume the plant, most people wonder about this method of use.

    However, it is not the most beneficial way to use kratom. Moreover, because there are many different methods, some people want to know the best ways to use the plant. Is kratom tea effective? Do capsules work? We'll be looking at each of these questions and more below.

    Traditional Method of Use

    As mentioned, there are multiple ways that kratom can be ingested. The traditional method used by people living in Southeast Asia where kratom plants grow simply chewed the leaf. The plant has been used in this method for hundreds of years, but the use of kratom leaves may date back even further.1

    Although chewing the leaves is the traditional method, it is not used by those who are consuming kratom in the United States. Instead, people can consume kratom in other ways to feel its beneficial effects.

    Today, you can buy kratom powder, pills, liquid, capsules, and more. There are plenty of options when it comes to kratom for sale. You just need to figure out which ones you prefer.

    How to Use Kratom Powder

    Mixing Into Drinks

    Kratom powder is a popular option. However, snorting this powder is not the way it is meant to be used. Instead, it is often used to mix into drinks. You have plenty of options when it comes to how you mix and what you mix it with. It could simply be mixed into some water. You might even prefer putting it into a smoothie or even mixing it into something like yogurt.

    Putting kratom powder into tea is another option. Some people may wonder if kratom tea is effective. It can be a good choice because it provides you with the dosage you need, and it's a relaxing way to consume kratom. Many people who use kratom prefer this method.

    Something you do not want to do is mix kratom with alcohol. When combined, it can cause adverse effects.

    Toss and Wash

    can you snort kratom? One of the other ways to use the powder is with the "toss and wash" method. This technique is simple, and it is one that a lot of people use. At the basic level, it just means tossing a dosage of kratom into your mouth and then washing it down with some liquid.

    Tossing and washing is a good method, and it is certainly better than snorting kratom powder. However, you still need to be careful using the plant this way. When you use this method, you will taste the powder, which can have a bitter and unpleasant taste.

    Make sure you have a glass or bottle of water ready to go once you toss the powder into your mouth. Let the liquid mix into the kratom before you swallow. You should also take another large drink of water afterward to help wash down any remnants that might be in your mouth.

    Further Methods of Use


    How to Use Kratom Capsules

    Another alternative to snorting kratom powder is to simply take kratom capsules. This way is a simple and easy method of consuming kratom. You do not have to worry about mixing and making sure that you are getting the correct dosage, as you would if you were using powder and mixing it with water or tea.

    Kratom pills and capsules come prepared in the correct dosages. You can easily carry them along with you, as well, just as you would any other type of pill.

    How to Use Kratom Extract

    Kratom extract in the form of liquid kratom can be a good option for kratom use. It is convenient because you can simply ingest the premade extract, ensuring you are getting the correct dosage. Again, kratom extracts are easy to carry around with you, so you can take this liquid whenever you need it.

    Snorting kratom extract is not advised, as it would be painful and the liquid would end up in your lungs, just as if you were snorting kratom powder. If you have ever had milk that goes up your nose, you know that it is an unpleasant feeling, and it is something you do not want to try.

    Can You Snort Kratom?

    We are back to this question again because it is something that a lot of people wonder about. They see the powder and think that it could simply snort it. Although it might be physically possible, it's ill-advised. There is no documentation for using kratom this way.

    The powdered form of kratom is not as fine as you might think. It has large cellulose and plant fiber. Snorting kratom powder would mean taking those fibers up your nose. Doing so is not a pleasant experience, and this method of use could make someone feel sick and lead to a feeling of nausea.

    You should avoid making the mistake of thinking that snorting kratom powder is feasible. There are simply too many risks in doing so. Use the proper methods above, such as mixing the powder with a drink or taking capsules, and make sure you understand the effects of different strains of kratom and different dosages.

    The Kratom Effects from Different Strains

    Kratom is available in different strains, which can provide you with different effects. Here is a basic rundown of what you can expect with the different strains when used properly.

    • Red Vein Kratom - This strain works well as an analgesic and for relaxation.
    • White Vein Kratom - White kratom is often used for energy and focus.
    • Yellow Vein Kratom - This strain works well as an energy booster.
    • Green Vein Kratom - This strain can provide either a stimulating effect at low doses or a relaxing effect at high doses.

    Effects Based on Dosage

    In addition to understanding the strains, it is a good idea to understand the effects that different dosages can provide.

    Low dosages are between one and five grams, and these are used for energy. Those who are beginning to use kratom should stick to lower dosages when they start. High dosages provide relaxation. A high kratom dose is considered anything over five grams.

    Of course, other factors, such as a person's size, will also alter the effects of kratom. Smaller people will likely need less to achieve the effects than a larger person.


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