Kratom in Drug Tests

Read on in this article to learn about whether kratom use can affect a drug test.

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    Kratom is a substance that remains unregulated by the FDA. As such, the producers of this text would like to note that, although this article contains many points regarding the use of kratom, they are only being provided for informational purposes. They should not be taken as medical advice.

    Kratom is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

    If you're considering the use of Kratom, be sure to consult a physician prior to any use.

    Does Kratom Show Up in a Drug Test?

    If you are using kratom as a way to relax, or as a way to ease your discomfort, you may be concerned about it showing up in drug tests. At this point, because kratom is unregulated by the FDA, there are several reasons for this concern. While the federal legality of kratom isn't in question, state laws may be different. To learn everything you need to know about kratom in drug tests, keep reading. We've got all of the information gathered here that you should be aware of while using kratom.

    As of now, it should be noted that kratom does not show up on standard five-panel drug tests. These are the standard drug tests available on the market today, and they test for THC, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and PCP.

    However, kratom can be tested by using a ten-panel drug test, as well as kratom-specific tests. These tests may be urine samples using the liquid chromatography method, or blood samples, depending on the test itself. They are used to detect elevated levels of mitragynine, the alkaloid metabolite formed when kratom breaks down in the body.

    How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

    If you are concerned about being given a drug test for kratom, it is essential to understand how long the metabolites will be identifiable in your system. The amount of time that kratom will be in your system depends on the method of testing, as well as the dosage.

    Dosage is likely to influence how long kratom stays in the body, but half-life is not completely understood at this point. Through the testing that has been performed thus far, the average half-life of the alkaloid mitragynine seems to hover at about twenty-three hours. The higher the dose you have taken, the longer it will take to break down completely.

    This aspect doesn't mean that the alkaloid will be at detectable levels for very long, though. For comparison, cannabis has a half-life of up to sixty-seven days, in some cases. Kratom is noticeably shorter. Here are the expected detectable lifetimes, depending on the method of testing being done.


    Mitragynine is easily detectable in blood, and blood is one of the preferred methods of testing for kratom specifically. Following ingestion, the alkaloids from kratom that are tested for would be detectable for a few days. However, while this is the easiest way to identify kratom, it is more invasive, and less commonly used than a urine sample.


    Trace amounts of the alkaloids found in kratom would be detectable in urine for just over a week. That being said, research has been done that may debate the effectiveness of urine testing for kratom, largely due to the false positives that have been observed.


    When looking for evidence of THC, hair testing has one of the longest detection windows. Sometimes, the window can last as long as a year. Thankfully, kratom users do not have to worry about that. The metabolites that are tested for following kratom use are not found in hair follicles. Hair testing is likely going to remain off the table for kratom.


    While saliva testing may be a good way to identify kratom metabolites, it is not a currently used testing method. More work would have to be done for saliva tests to be developed for kratom use.

    So, overall, if you're concerned about kratom showing up in your drug tests, the detection window is only about a week in most cases.

    Factors That Affect How Long Kratom Stays in Your System

    As with any other substance, several different factors will determine how long kratom stays in your system. These factors are based on health and lifestyle, as well as how much kratom you're taking. Here is an overview of the most prevalent factors.



    As you age, your metabolism slows down, as do other systems in your body. When you are younger, kratom will be present in the body for less time. Older individuals have a longer elimination half-time than younger individuals.

    Body Mass Index

    Body mass index, or BMI, has a large part in how long kratom stays in the system. Individuals with a higher BMI tend to have higher body fat. Kratom metabolites are very fat-soluble, meaning the more fat you have, the longer it stays in the system.

    Genetic Metabolism Variables

    Metabolism is based on activity and genetics. Some people have higher enzyme production that breaks down kratom faster. However, metabolism varies from person to person.


    Like BMI, diet plays a large part in kratom breakdown. Diets rich in fats will lead to higher absorption rates of kratom, meaning more stays in the system.

    Kratom Use

    How you use kratom also plays a large part in how long it remains in the system. Higher doses result in higher concentrations of the detectable metabolites. Frequency also matters. If you are using kratom every day, the substance stays in the system for longer. Method of ingestion is the last variable. Kratom in food will break down faster than kratom taken in capsule form.

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