Kratom and Weed

Kratom and weed are two popular relaxation aids for people. If you are wondering how they compare, learn about them here.

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    Kratom is a substance that remains unregulated by the FDA. As such, the producers of this text would like to note that, although this article contains many points regarding the use of kratom, they are only being provided for informational purposes. They should not be taken as medical advice.

    Kratom is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

    If you're considering the use of Kratom, be sure to consult a physician prior to any use.

    What is Weed?

    When it comes to relief from discomfort, many people seek out natural alternatives to prescribed medications. Two of these natural sources of relaxation are kratom and weed. Both plants provide relaxation and relief when ingested. While the two plants provide similar effects, they are not the same. If you're looking to learn more about kratom and weed, keep reading.

    Weed is one of the common names for the substances produced by the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has been used for both recreational purposes and in traditional medicines for centuries. The plant itself is native to Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. However, it has been grown all over the world.

    Street Names

    There are several street names for the plant, some of which are listed below: 

    • Herb 
    • Pot 
    • Grass 
    • Bud 
    • Mary Jane 
    • Ganja  

    What is CBD From the Cannabis Plant?

    One of the compounds that the cannabis plant produces is CBD or cannabidiol. Recently, the effectiveness of CBD for relief has been questioned. Many people who use CBD report that it provides relief from physical discomfort. It also helps users feel at ease when they take it, helping them relax at the end of a stressful day.  

    CBD comes in some diverse forms. Of these forms, you will find the following three most often: 


    • Full Spectrum: CBD that contains multiple cannabis plant extracts, including essential oils and terpenes, as well as THC 
    • Broad Spectrum: Broad spectrum is similar to full-spectrum CBD, but the presence of THC is removed from the product 
    • Isolates: CBD isolates are pure cannabidiol, containing no other oils or compounds 

    Forms of CBD

    CBD products come in several different forms. These forms are the different ways in which CBD can be ingested. Because CBD is normally an oil in its purest form, it is very versatile. These are the four most common forms of CBD available on the market: 


    • CBD Oil: CBD oil is taken orally, using a dropper, similarly to other extracts 

    • CBD Gummies: For fans of candy, CBD gummies are the preferred way of taking CBD 
    • CBD-Infused Edibles: Similar to traditional edibles, CBD-infused edibles are baked goods made with CBD oils 
    • Topicals: CBD can be taken topically in addition to orally; it is commonly applied as a cream or a salve for aches and pains 

    What is Kratom?

    Kratom, like cannabis, is another plant that produces effects that people desire when it is ingested. The scientific name for kratom is Mitragyna speciosa. It is a tree that is related to the coffee family of plants. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, growing in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea.

    When taken, it produces effects similar to coffee, giving people a stimulating feeling. In Southeast Asia, where the plant is indigenous, the native population has used the plant to pursue traditional practices.

    Like cannabis, kratom produces a compound that produces these desired effects. The compound itself is called mitragynine. In the human body, the compound metabolizes to 7-hydroxymitragynine or 7-HM for short.


    Different Types of Kratom Strains

    If you are familiar with cannabis, then you're aware that there are different strains of the plant. Each strain produces a different desired effect, and people can choose products that utilize specific strains to enhance those effects. Kratom is similar in the fact that it has more than a single strain, giving people different options when it comes to how it makes them feel. The different kinds of kratom strains are outlined below.

    White Vein Kratom

    As the name implies, this strain of kratom has striking white veins on its leaves. For the most part, people look to obtain this kind of kratom thanks to its energy-enhancing effects. Kratom is related to coffee, and this strain of the plant proves that. Several different strains of kratom fall under the white vein umbrella, each providing a different level of energy. These plants are harvested early in life.

    Red Vein Kratom

    Red vein kratom is another strain of the plant that's available. In native cultures, the plant is often sought for its ability to ease discomfort. As such, it's currently being studied for these properties, as well. Red vein kratom is harvested at the peak of the plant's maturity. 

    Green Vein Kratom

    If you are looking for something in between white vein kratom and red vein kratom, you have green vein kratom. These strains are known for balancing both energy boosts and relaxation. This makes green vein kratom one of the most desired strains available. Green vein kratom is harvested in the middle of the plant's life.

    Yellow Vein Kratom

    Yellow vein kratom is a bit elusive, in terms of kratom strains. It's highly desirable, for some reasons, but there has been very little evidence that the plants are widely available. Yellow vein kratom provides concentration, focus, and relaxation.   

    Maeng Da Kratom

    Often considered the most potent strain of kratom. It is harvested throughout different parts of its life, providing white, red, and green versions of it. As such, it can provide a number of different effects for users. 

    Can You Mix Kratom and Weed?

    Mixing kratom and weed can be done. Depending on the amounts of each, different effects can be achieved.  

    • Low kratom and high weed provides energy and alertness 
    • High kratom and low weed provides ease from discomfort and relaxation 
    • Low kratom and low weed provides relaxation, followed by alertness 
    • High kratom and high weed gives focus, followed by relaxation

    Caution needs to be taken, however, and food needs to enter the equation. Eating before taking extracts is important. If you don't time things right, you may suffer from unpleasant feelings. 

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