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White Bali (Capsules)

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Product: White Bali Capsules 

Region: This leaf is sourced from Bali Indonesia and is wild harvested.

Description:  Our capsules are filled with 100% pure Kratom.  We do not add fillers, binders, or any other flow agents that are commonly used to make the capsules “more full”.

White Bali is mood altering and energetic which can help with daytime enhancement.  Its leaf is rounded with white veins running through the underside.  The Kratom is dried and milled into a fine powder.

Fill Weight: 

  • Each capsule contains 500 to 600 MGs of Kratom per capsule.
  • Each pouch weights 120 grams.
  • You will receive between 195 to 205 of capsule per pouch.

Product Purpose: Sold as a bulk botanical without legal descriptions or claims.  Capsules are used as a carrier only!


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120 Grams