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Turmeric Capsules

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Product: Turmeric Capsules

Size: 60ct (500mg per capsule)


Turmeric is a powerhouse spice used medicinally and culinarily for thousands of years, which is gaining in popularity because it is one of the most effective herbals at our fingertips for supporting and regulating the body’s inflammatory response. Inflammation is a ubiquitous issue in this day in age, and an effective turmeric supplement can go a long way in helping to support the body’s ability to keep it in check, which can potentially help with inflammatory related aches and pains. As well, there are a host of other well-known benefits to turmeric supplementation, such as liver support, antioxidant capacity, and brain support.

Top Extracts’ Turmeric extract capsules are standardized to 95% curcuminoids, with Piperine (black pepper extract) added to further support optimal absorption of all the bioactive components.


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