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Peganum Harmala (Syrian Rue) 20:1 Extract Powder



Product: Syrian Rue Extract Powder (from Peganum Harmala seeds) 20:1

Description: Our Harmala is highly concentrated 20:1 (one gram of extract is 20 grams of Rue Seeds) HCl extract from Peganum Harmala seeds consists of all the purified Harmala alkaloids Harmaline, Harmine and traces of THH are present in the seed.  Our product is extracted by alcohol and then sprayed dried to a very fine red powder to create our high quality Syrian Rue extract powder.

Peganum harmala extract comes from the Zygophyllaceae plant family and was first planted New Mexico by a farmer wanting to manufacture the dye “Iranian red” from its seeds.  Traditionally it is used In Arab World when dried capsules mixed with other ingredients are placed onto red hot charcoal the smoke is wafted around the head of those afflicted by or exposed to the gaze of strangers while a specific prayer is recited.

Syrian Rue Extact
Syrian Rue Ayahuasca Brew is traditionally made by mixing Cappi Plants (Banisteriopsis) and Harmala extract. Ayahuasca brews are traditionally used by South American Tribes in ceremonies.

Caution: This product is not for human consumption MAOI’S INGESTION WARNING

Contains trace of Harman:  Do not eat foods high in tyramine, dopamine, or tryptophan while taking MAOIs or for two weeks after discontinuing MAOIs. Tyramine, dopamine, and tryptophan are chemicals that can interact with MAOIs and cause hypertensive crisis, which is an extremely dangerous side effect. Foods high in these chemicals should be avoided.

Not for Human Consumption it is solely intended for research please review our policy regarding this product.


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