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Product: Holy Basil Capsules

Size: 60ct (500mg per capsule)


Holy Basil (also known as Tulsi) is a revered herb in its native India; and as the name implies, it is known to be a holy plant. It has been used in Ayurveda, India’s ancient traditional medicinal system, for millennia as a sort of panacea. In terms of modern uses, Holy Basil is an adaptogen — helping to support one’s ability to manage stress. It can have a balancing effect on stress hormones themselves, including on cortisol, which can have far-reaching beneficial effects on the body when in check. Other Holy Basil benefits include supporting the thyroid, blood sugar balancing properties, and cardiovascular support.

Holy Basil experientially is mildly calming, though at the same time restores the energy reserves of the body, and can be consumed beneficially any time of the day. Top Extracts’ Holy Basil capsules combine both an extract standardized for 2% Ursolic Acid (a well-studied active component) with the whole powdered leaf, resulting in a truly full spectrum herbal supplement.

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