We haven’t written about a DEA / FDA status in awhile; however, the threat to ban Kratom is now more real than ever.   The first battle was won on Oct 1st when the DEA decided to allow public comment until Dec 1st.  After Dec 1st they will close the public comment, respond to every comment, and they make there decision based on comments and scientific findings from the FDA.   To be clear Kratom will not be illegal on Dec 1st, it is still unclear as to how long it will take for the decision to be made but it could come before the year’s end.

What has Top Extracts done to help?  We’ve donated a portion of every sale to the American Kratom Association.  They are our best chance in fighting this ban as they have a team of scientist and legal advisers ready to fight the decision and prove that Kratom should not be a schedule I.

What can you do?

  1. Write your comment please follow this guide: http://www.kratomcomments.org/#/5/
  2. Donate, even $5 goes a very long way: https://americankratomassociation.nationbuilder.com/donate
  3. Sign up to the news letter from the BEA (Botanical Education Alliance): https://www.botanical-education.org/
  4. Sign up to the news letter from the American Kratom Association: http://www.americankratom.org/about


Top Extracts will continue to sell Kratom until we are told that we can no longer sell Kratom.  We have a limited selection of Kratom strains until a decision has been made.  Red Bali, Red MD, and White Borneo will all be stocked.

Payment methods have changed due to many credit cards not allowing Kratom at this time.   We accept BitCoin, E-Checks, or select our Alternative Method.

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