On February 6th, the FDA released another statement regarding Kratom. This time, the FDA has labeled Kratom as an opioid.

This DOES NOT mean that Kratom is illegal; but it does mean the FDA is beginning to dig there heals in even further into the subject. This latest FDA press release is another attempt to demonize Kratom as part of an agenda to formally ban the product outright.

The FDA determined that Kratom is an opioid by using a computer-based approach called PHASE modeling. The problem with using PHASE is that it is new and not a proven method of testing for government agencies. In our understanding, using a PHASE approach would not hold up in a federal court should the advocacy groups take it that far.


On February 8th, the American Kratom Association sent a response to the White House requesting that the FDA stop the assault on Kratom. The letter was signed by several well-regarded doctors and scientists, who called for more study of the product and for the FDA to use an eight-factor analysis (rather than a PHASE approach) to determine the appropriate scheduling of the product.

As of now, Kratom remains legal. However, state-by-state the FDA is suggesting regulation. If you reside in one of the states listed below—all of which have pending regulation regarding Kratom—we highly recommend CALLING or VISITING your representative and asking them to remove Kratom from the pending legislation.

  • Illinois
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • West Virginia
  • Kansas

The American Kratom Association recommends that people begin to reach out to local news (such as your local PATCH paper) and start to tell your positive story regarding Kratom.  Please continue calling your representatives letting them know just how important this product is to you.

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