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Kratom, is a tropical tree that is related to the coffee plant throughout Southeast Asia.  The leafs of the Kratom trees have been brewed into traditional medicines throughout the regions in which they are found since the early 19th century..  We provide the best Kratom in the market place in powder, capsule and extract forms. Buy Kratom

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It was from the Islands of Vanuatu that Kava Kava (Piper Methysticum) spread to the Fiji Islands and Hawaii and then to other parts of the United States where it has now become mainstream sold in specialty shops around the US. There are six types of Kavalactones found in Kava Kava which are known to enhance the body are: Methysticin, Dihydromethysticin, Kavain, Dihydrokavain, Yangonin and Desmethoxyyangonin.  Kava concentrates son Kavain.

Kava is known to help with comfort and mood.

When we designed HealthBeat our everyday supplement products we had one thing in mind and that was to bring top quality products to the marketplace at affordable prices.

All of our HealthBeat herbal products were designed to keep you in tune with your bodies physical and mental needs.

Each product has been carefully crafted from pure botanical ingredients source from organic farms and wild harvesters from around the world.


When you are first learning about Kratom choosing the strain that is going to work best for your needs can be daunting and confusing.

While there isn’t a magic bullet on which strain is going to be best for you there are some general guidelines to follow while looking for your strain.

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